End to End E-types

Stripping the head off an E-type 4.2 engine

Warner lifts the head from a 4.2 E-type

Monday we got the head off this 4.2 E-type for valve guide work.  Because it was a bit reluctant to part company with the cylinder block we ended up using the motor hoist to help it along.   Warner assisted with the heavy lifting because he chose a propitious moment to wander into the downstairs service bays for a visit.  I believe the last time he was seen on these pages was in January when he was lead tech on the Black Tulip MGC GT which has run up a pretty good milage since it went back on the road this past spring.

Jaguar valve work is a taddy-bit more sophisticated than the cheap & cheerful pushrod cast iron heads we work with most of the time, and we only know of two machinists who have the necessary measuring equipment to determine if a recut valve seat is within the clearance range for the available valve adjusting pallets.  This cylinder head will get .002″ O.D. oversized guides, which we keep in stock (also .005″ & .008″), as well as the requisite valves, springs, tappet guides, hold down kits, etc.

Pulling radius arm bushings off the undercarriage

Using a generic puller on the radius arm bushings

While the cylinder head is out for reconditioning, we’re also tidying up the Independant Rear Suspension.  The large radius arm bushings securing the arms to the floors frequently are fused to the anchor posts.  There are any number of ways to get them off, but this is how I like to do it.  Once the IRS is out I’ll take it the rest of the way down and we’ll send the differential assembly to Jeff at Keene Driveline to install a 3.31 gear set.  For Jeff it’s just another Dana 44, and we can’t come close to touching his $250.00 labor for a complete overhaul.  We do everthing but paint & fenderwork here, but this falls under our First Law of Sublets:  If someone else can do it better, faster, cheaper, then let ’em.

Butch & John strip another E-type IRS at East Coast Collision & Restoration

Butch & John Strip another E-type IRS at East Coast Collision & Restoration

Wednesday Butch & John went up to East Coast Collision & Restoration in Mount Holly to strip the suspension out of this Series One E-type which we had previously reduced to a rolling shell earlier this year.  We maintain a close working relationship based on mutual respect with  Jason Marechaux and his very busy crew.  After many years of being terribly disappointed by most of the bodywork we’ve seen come thru our shop, it’s hugely rewarding to see what a genuinely skilled and committed paint and structure guy can do.  The incremental cost of having a correct workmanlike job done is so small, it’s a wonder their waiting list isn’t years long.  Sarah Mae took this picture.  You can contact her at 802-259-2452 to schedule your work

Hauling hay in an MGB GT

Supplemental Rations

An MGB GT is the most versitile of sports cars.  It will easily haul three bales of hay, even four in a pinch.  When a scheduling error resulted in 12 hungry holstein heiffers Tuesday morning, a quick trip to Holton Farm made everyone happy.  This is, of course, my winter beater MGB GT, which by virtue of four studded snow tires goes anywhere in any weather because it always starts irregardless of temperature.  You can read more about it in the January archives under the subject line of “Winter Motoring”.

You Can Do It In An MG Part II

An MGC at nearly full chat

Somewhere on a Lonely Highway this week: an MGC at nearly full chat

An MGC is a true high speed cruiser with excellent fast road stability, good for about 125 mph with a healthy engine.  The result of this testing indicates a freshening up is in order this winter

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