MG TF Progress Report

MG on a winter road

Rush Hour

Around here we were greeted with a heavy snow fall the day before Thanksgiving and we haven’t seen bare ground since.  The weather pattern of the last week has been a little snow, a little sleet, a little freezing rain ad naseum.  This is the driver’s view from  what may be the last MG in daily service in the Northeast at this time of the year.  An MGB GT on studded snow tires that starts easily in cold weather, as this one does, is entirely suitible for winter driving conditions.  I speak from experience, this car has been in service since 2007, replacing the one which entered service in 2001.  Not much heat, but entirely competent in limited traction situations.

parts hangine to dry

Not Mistletoe

First up on next Monday’s agenda is to retrieve the TF chassis from the blasters in Agawam.  The plan is to drop it off woth our friend Jay at Windham Coach & Carriage in Brattleboro to check it for straight and then bolt the suspension back in inorder to turn it into a roller again at which point we’ll ship it off to Mark Goyette to reassemble the body.

In this picture most of the front and some of the rear suspension is hanging from the main carrying beam in the cellar of the shop.  that big lump in the back corner is an XK 140 chassis suspended like the Sword of Damocles over my Moggy.

MG TF axle casings

Work in Progress

While George was painting I was blasting the rear axle housings which I pulled apart and washed up yesterday.  The left housing has been blasted while the right housing awaits (in the foreground is a front spring pan and some a-arms).  Once the R/H housing is done they we’ll send them out to be pressure washed before painting them.

Butch spent part of the day today stripping and cleaning the steering rack for the Gunmetal Grey E-type.  You can anticipate a more complete report on that next week.  With pictures.

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