We Do It All, Sort of

Ernest Hillier & Butch Howe

Butch expounds, Ernest listens

Ernest Hillier is a skilled upholsterer.    Fortunately for us he’s taking fiddle lessons from Amy across the road, and one day Ernest said, “Amy, what’s with all those sports cars down there ?”,  and she told him.  In as much as Ernest is also a member of The Loyal Order of Owners And Admirers  of The Immortal and Ubiquitous MGB, we bonded immediately.

This solved a huge problem for us because we’re going 10/10ths on the series One 4.2 E-type in the foreground and we really wanted to conquer the rest of the world by the time we’re done.  If you’d like to know more about Ernest’s resume just google him at Ernest Hillier.com.

George & Butch

George scatters while Butch gazes upwards

George got the MG TF rolling chassis from Glens Falls, New York pulled apart last week, and because space is always tight around here, Saturday morning Patrick and I hung up the frame above bay #1.  Although Butch possibly looks startled, and it may appear as if George is fleeing for his life, it’s  the third time in the last few years we’ve utilized the space for this exact purpose. In point of fact we were just setting up to retrieve it from its temporary domicile in order to load it on the truck for delivery to the blasters  earlier today.

roadside relics

Out on the Lonesome Highway

The temperature dropped quite precipitously overnight so your scribe decided to take advantage of a  small window of opportunity in  the middle of the spate of  sloppy weather we’re going through right now.  So it was down to the blasters in Agawam and from there to the plating shop in Westfield with the E-type front suspension, a drop-off of the XPAG TDC block from the failed rebuild for cleaning, and finally a stop to see Jeff at Keene Driveline about the installation of a Thornton Powr-Loc into the rear axle of my XK 140, all accomplished by noon today.

The roadside relics seen here were on Rte. 22 in Granville, New York on the way back from Glens Falls two weeks ago with the TF.

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