This is How We Do It

Steve works on the TC's left rear brakes

Steve works on the left side

Ian works on the TC's R/H brkaes

While Ian works on the right side

Some things are done better by pairing up.  The brakes were coming on hard and staying on in this TC with the result that things were heating up pretty good, even though we still had a stiff pedal and not a soft pedal.  We wanted to push through the brakes in this TC in just one day, so our strategy was to put two men on the job.  The end result was brakes which are sublimely smooth in operation. This car is for sale.  Inquire

John rummages in Butch's toolbox

John Rummages in Butch's toolbox

Butch preps Jaguar trim for installation

Butch preps Jaguar Mk2 trim for instalation

Meanwhile upstairs things have been going hot & heavy.  John has just finished up with an exceedingly needy MGA and turned what was essentially an obstacle in someone’s garage into a car which is a genuine pleasure ride.  While he’s been at it, Butch has been installing trim into the deep blue Jaguar Mk2 Sedan which is on   going here at Sports Car Services.  We’re hoping to turn the key & fire her up next week.

Morgan at E.C.C&R.

Morgan at East Coast Collision & Restoration

Also on going this week is the final paint going onto this Morgan Plus 4 at East Coast Collision & Restoration.  Cor’ Blimey what a beautiful shape.  I’ve always been seduced by the curves on a Morgan.  It’s a classically beautiful british body line.

We’re really eager to get our hands on it, and that need should be met soon as one of these nights I’ll be traveling up to Mount Holly  and  grab ‘er.

Fast Times Coming: Morgan paintwork nearly complete at E.C.C&R.

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