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Jaguar rear axles & some others at Keene Driveline

Jeff at Keene Driveline with a couple of Jaguar Salisbury axles. 603-355-4450

Part of the Sports Car Services ‘Do Right by Your Customer’ mantra is that if someone else can do it better, faster, cheaper, then let them.  Automotive machining falls squarely into this category, we’re fitters/installers but we simply don’t have the space or expertise bore blocks, grind cranks or do valve work.

Regular readers of this space may recall that last winter we turned a Dana 44 E-type differential over to Jeff to re-gear, but what might not have gotten mentioned was the he did the entire job, gears, clutches,

close examination of Morgan front end

Close examination of Morgan front end

bearings and all for less than the big guns in the Jaguar parts world wanted for just the ring & pinion.  Jeff is THE  four wheeler driveline guy in this part fo the country.  We’ve been sending him driveshafts for balancing for a long time  (Persistant vibration above 60 ?  Hint:  Maybe it’s not your tires), and the tooling in his shop is simply jaw dropping.

Right now he’s inducing limited slip into a re-geared 3.54 Salisbury axle for Bob

broken shock bracket on Morgan

What Steve found

Mitchell’s Jag Mark IX which is currently taking up about a quarter of our shop !  As Bob points out, it’s those little enchancements that allow the big sedans to make a graceful entrance & exit from a wet show field.

Steve has been giving this ’57 Morgan Plus 4 the once over this week.  Although it came in as a breakdown car with a broken throttle cable, the owner asked us to give it a complete servicing.

replacement shock bracket for Morgan

Before & after Morgan shock brackets

What Steve also found was this recently broken R/H upper shock bracket.  If you take a closer look at the previous picture you can see that the rust has only just begun to creep in to the break.

This is “Rule of Sublets” Part II: We flipped it to our neighbor the blacksmith who made us a new one as good or better than the original, and did so in the most authentic Olde Worlde fashion.

Seats installed


Steve’s first task of the week was to finish reupholstering and installing these seats into Paul Koutra’s MGB.  Paul’s owned it since high school and it’s a really nice car with a Downton-style exhaust and, we suspect, a mildly tuned engine.  It definitely has some giddy-up & go, along with an exhaust note that announces its presence in an authoritative but not overbearing manner.   A great car !

Sorry, This Week at The Shop Went up a little late because of last night’s fire works show

repairs complete, Skip Tannen's Sprite heads home

Repairs complete, Skip Tannen's Sprite heads for home

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