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Butch assembles a Diff.

Butch assembles an ENV differential

We’re tying up a few loose ends this week beginning with an ENV rear axle which in its day was common to both Lea-Francis, our application here, and also early XK 120’s.  Parts availability for these differentials has become scarce.  We were able to turn up a full set of Timken taper roller bearings without too much difficulty from E.B. Atmus who have been in business nearly as long as Timken has, but thrust washers and seals were more of a challenge, those had to come from England, and we’ll be making our own Diff gasket.  This axle uses four differential planet gears ( also referred to as a “four star”, I believe), the case for which is sitting on the differential crown wheel.

2 windage trays

Damaged windage tray & its replacement

My downstairs XPAG TD engine rebuild will be complete tomorrow following the application of final paint.  It should be back in the car next week, and then we’ll be waiting on the weather before we can run it up and take it out.

There had been some creative repairs made to the windage tray that was in the sump, and although it was better than nuthin’ I suppose, Abingdon Spares had a new one, which made the question of whether to replace it pretty simple to answer, and anyway it was also an opportunity to get out of the shop for half an hour.


Oil Strainer

Not fully supported

Oil Pick UP

Repaired Oil Pick Up

My best guess is something let go with a bang because the windage tray obviously took a pretty good hit which roughly corresponds with weld repair to the bottom of the oil pan.  On the left is the oil strainer in place, but the two weldnuts on the windage tray are a give-away that something’s not quite right.  Although a TC oil strainer is a stand-alone, the long pick up horn of this late TD needs a little extra support.

Regrettably, I marked out & welded on the support strap before I straightened the housing, which is when I discovered the filter gauze (not pictured) wouldn’t fit.  That further rectifcation is why the left hand strap hole is elongated.


Red Austin Healey

Exercising the Loud Pedal Last Spring

It was nine degrees here this morning, and I simply could not figure out the blue, yellow & red flowers on the Google search icon, so I Googled it.  Imagine my surprise to discover that it’s the first day of spring.  We still have a couple feet of snow on the ground right now, so here’s what it looked like last year at this time.

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