Kenlowe 1,2,3

A red E-type

First order of business

Another Monday, another E-type.  This is the Jaguar that can be seen being unloaded in NYC in our old  Tri-Fold flyer.  A new one is in the works so the old one is now a collector’s item.

Debris from the fuel tank

Not so Nice

A subsequent inspection of the  tank filter revealed a fuel tank in a failing state, and upon consultation with the owner, we ordered-in and installed a new one.  It was a wrestling contest for a while, but Butch won.  As you might expect, we’ve already inspected the brake linings & cylinders, changed out the brake & clutch fluid, and shortly we’ll be running a wrench over the suspension.

TD dashboard

Reilly re-covers a TD dash

Reilly continues to reassemble the MG TD known as ‘Myron’.  It’s right behind him in this picture with a brown body tub and black fenders.

Because the dashboard was kinda’ shabby, Reilly pulled it apart and cleaned up & polished what he could, and based on what we had available it’s now a red vinyl dashboard, although there’s a possibility if might have been a black vinyl dashboard.  the limiting factor being that we didn’t have a big enough piece of black vinyl.  Seats & upholstery are going in today. Next week it might be running and then we can put it thru its paces.

Kenlowe fan installation

Kenlowe fan installed

As previously alluded to on this page, your scribe recently finshed up the installation of a Kenlowe fan kit in another series 1 E-type.  Although advertised as ‘direct fit’, it wasn’t.

In the picture on the right you can see the two mounting straps on the top of the radiator tank that Rodney at B&R’s Garage in Lebanon, N.H. installed for us when he serviced the radiator.  The fan is offset to the left for lower hose clearance as seen in a picture below.

another left side vierw

Where the old fan isn't

The NAPA top hose came with the car, but I took about 5/8’s of an inch off of each end to remove the kink in the middle. But maybe what’s most interesting in this picture is what isn’t there anymore, the bracket for the original fan because the Kenlowe fan wouldn’t slide in past it.

The four round dark spots underneath the header tank are what’s left of the spotwelds that secured the fan bracket.

Kenlowe fan casing & water pipe

Fan casing relieved for water pipe clearance

I left them to provide location should a subsequent owner ever want to reverse the procedure.  Offsetting the  fan to the left was critical.  As it was, I needed to use the die grinder to relieve the fan casing to clear the lower water pipe.  Less obvious here is that I also took an inch off the top of the lower hose.  This provided the 1/8th of an inch of clearance that relieves me, too.  Because I’m always mistrustful of electric fan switches, an override switch is also wired into the car now where the driver can operate it.

red E-type

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