Myron Rising

Reilly assembles an MG TD

Myron gets some new clothes

Back in the spring we made note of the fact that a formerly well known Port Washington area (Long Island) MG TD known as Myron was a going concern again.  Once running, we had to shelve the project while we waited on his fenders and running boards which were being painted a contrasting black, and once arrived, we were too deep in the weeds with other work to do anything about it.  However with the arrival of the summer help in the person of Reilly Clark we’re starting to make time on it.

separated brake lining

The source of a growling sound in the brake assembly

Your scribe was summoned to Dorset, Vermont recently to retrieve a Triumph TR3 which was emitting an awful growl from the rear axle on the right side.  I went out the driveway with the car on my road test and turned around and came right back in because I thought it might have been the rear wheel bearings signaling their demise.  Unlike MG’s & Austin Healeys, Triumph (& Jaguar) rear wheel bearings are not lubricated by the gear oil in the rear axle.

Rodney at B&R's Garage, Lebanon, N.H.

Rodney at B&R's Garage looks over a 'direct fit' E-type fan kit

They are instead packed with grease and protected against the infusion of the diff. lube by an oil seal, and therefore can suffer the consequences of 50 years of neglect.  A brake lining broken away from the shoe was the culprit.

Earlier this week we ordered in a Kenlowe fan kit to replace the two blade windmill in another series 1 E-type.  Despite assurances that it was a “direct fit” kit, it wasn’t.  After looking over the universal mounting system supplied with it I decided that what I really needed was a direct consultation with Rodney at B&R’s Garage, the best radiator man in the Northeast.

Dave's Starter & Alternator Service

After the Deluge

So I loaded up my MG and headed up to Lebanon, N.H. quite unaware that a severe thunderstorm was headed down.  As I crested a hill just south of White River Junction, Vermont I saw a veritable wall of water coming at me.  It is a fact that after 25 years MGB ownership I can put the top up in less than 30 seconds when well motivated.

It is also a fact that several years ago when Rodney first sent me to Dave’s Starter & Alternator Service, also of Lebanon, Dave had a rewound armature for an Austin Healey 3000 generator on the shelf.  All of our rotating electrical has gone there ever since.  Unfortunately for them the same storm that caused me to put my top up also brought their big tree down, so while-you-wait service was unavailable Wednesday afternoon at Dave’s.

1949 MG TC

For Sale: TC8600 Uprated engine with Laystall Head (by Us). Inquire

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