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Mk2 Jaguar

A Mk2 Jaguar En Deshabille

An argument can be made that the Jaguar Mk1 & Mk2 were the first true European sport sedans which combined great looks with very high performance, and while the rest of the world has done a pretty good job of catching up with them in the last 50 years, the fact remains that many of us still prefer them to their more modern equivilents.   This particular example, a right hand drive 3.4 Mk2 from Maine is a late car with a Jaguar built 4synchro overdrive transmission, and although you don’t see much of the paint, it’s very smart-looking, I think, in its shiny black livery.  Our job is to get it back in running order.

series 1 E-type OTS

series 1 E-type OTS

Yesterday we shipped this series one E-type open two seater (that’s one down, two to go).  While repairs were essentially all done just after the first of the year, we were constrained in our sign off on it because the highways, heavily impacted by road salt, simply would not allow for any form of road testing, much less a definitive one.

This was finally accomplished on Tuesday, an overcast but dry day, and after verifying that repairs were in fact complete with his own road test, the owner loaded it into his trailer for the return trip to Massachusetts and promptly blew out two tires on the Interstate when debris from one burst tire took out the valve stem of the 2nd tire on the same side of the trailer.  Butch grabbed the floor jack and went out & rendered roadside assistance.

Morgan +4

Pozerycki & Company critique Dave's Morgan +4

Late last week Dave Pozerycki put his Morgan +4 thru its paces on a 40 mile extended road test.  He is seen here behind the wheel conferring with his chase crew, his son Joe and Sandy, his wife.  Quite apart from atmospheric conditions more appropriate to March than late April, the only mechanical quirk which exhibited itself was a growling noise like a water pump going south but which was in fact the exhaust flex-pipe making frame contact, a simple fix.

Austin Healey BN7 two seater

The BN7 departs, destination Hinesburg

About half way back Dave spotted an Austin Healey headed north which was crewed by two people much more appropriately dressed for the occasion.  This was David Haber & company, his separation anxiety finally at an end, although not so much with his car as the contents of his wallet.  But all’s well that ends well, as the Rolls Royce salesman once said, although William Shakespeare may have summed it up better when he said, “The value will be remembered long after the price is forgotten”.

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