Short Report

Butch cleans up a steering rocker shaft

Butch cleans up a TR3 'box

We sourced a good used steering box for the TR3 which has been absorbing Butch’s full attention over the past couple of weeks.  As you might recall from last week, the steering shaft and coupler had been ruined by some unknown hammer mechanic who at best didn’t know what he was doing, and at worst could have caused a very serious accident.

This car is receiving a full-on Revington TR suspension upgrade.  More on this next week.

Midget 1500 road test

Midget 1500 on test

MGB road test

MGB on test

Meanwhile, the middle of this week afforded a couple of good opportunities to get our work out on the road and evaluate it.  On the left is an example of one of the few observable Sports Car Services superstitions.  We don’t put the hood back on a car which has had the engine out until we’ve driven it.  Superstition apart, it’s also an excellent way to monitor for oil or coolant leaks.  Drivability at speed was the issue with the MGB on the right.  It’s better now, but the next step is richer carb needles.

Replacement MGB sheetmetal

Replacement MGB sheetmetal

Back in September I managed to wreck Edd Lobacz’ MGB on my final road test when the left front wheel came off and went underneath the car.  Funny thing was the lug nuts were also loose on the right side of his freshly painted car, but we didn’t have the wheels off.  On Monday it’s headed into Windham Coach & Carriage in Brattleboro for repair.  I put the winning  bid in on the replacement parts, and except for a front bumper which we can’t find anywhere, it looks like everything is good to go.

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