Thursday Report

MGB headed for British Invasion

Stowe bound MGB

Last winter we uprated the engine in this MGB. It’s running a set of  +.100″ JE pistons, with an APT pocket-ported cylinder head and an APT VP 11Bk camshaft.  Power transfer to the four synchro overdrive transmission is thru an AP Borg & Beck racing clutch.  Not long after we managed a few break-in miles on dry winter roads the owner asked us to strip it for paint, and having arrived back here recently,  John is now trimming it out again.

possibly Stowe-bound Austin Healey

Possibly Stowe bound Austin Healey

Butch has been working diligently on this Austin Healey BN7 two-seater, which was mentioned briefly in passing last week as a temporary throttle linkage donor for Mike Buonanduci’s Lime Rock Park bound cab-over Land Rover.  We’re wondering if we’ll be on target to run it up in the shop tomorrow.

As you can see, we have a heavy investment in fender covers, but hey, the paint on this car is at least as good as the paint on Edd Lobacz’ MGB, photographed without its fender covers because John was about to cover it up for the night.

Turquoise over Old English White Austin Healey

Another Stowe-bound Austin Healey

Because this is the Internet, there’s a very good chance that a couple of hundred of our readers will know Chris’ next assignment before he finds out on Monday.  This car’s owner is going for all the marbles in Concours at the British Invasion.  We think it’s gonna stand out pretty good in a sea of Healey Blue Austin Healeys.

Details to follow next week as Chris takes up the cudgel.

correctly oriented valve stem in a spline drive wire wheel


pinched valve stem in a spline drive wire wheel


These days for a little extra,  Dayton Wheel Service will furnish you with a set of wire wheels sealed for tubeless operation.  That’s a pretty good idea from a safety perspective because most younger tire jockeys don’t know how to properly install a tube in a spline drive wheel.  This isn’t going to be a tutorial, but if you click on these pictures for a closer examination you’ll see that the valve stem in the wheel on the left is centered, while the stem in the wheel on the right is not, in fact it’s pinched.

Sometimes you can deflate them with the car standing on the ground and re-center the stems.  Raise the car up again before you do this,  but if you can’t, a return trip to the tire shop is most definitely in order.  Be safe, not sorry.

verifying tire balance

Verifying tire balance

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