A Day in The Shop

Phase 2 Austin Healey 3000 Mk III

Tuesday: Chris fettles an Austin Healey

Tuesday was not an un-typical day in most respects; the phone rang, people came & went, the UPS driver came & went, some strong language was directed at recalcitrent automotive components.  If there was in fact anything at all out of the ordinary, it would have been the fact that it was Chris Lundberg’s second day as a part-time employee.    Chris has a long association with british cars, mostly of the two door variety, and  maybe we’ll talk about him some more later.

1953 MG TD

Tuedsay: John fettles an MG TD

Also on Tuesday, John was on a roll with this 1953 MG TD which took on water during Hurricane Irene the year before last, and we’re pleased to be able to say that right now it’s about as nice a TD to drive around as you’re likely to easily stumble across.  It has an attractively weathered patina that says “Take me up the mountain  on the dirt road, please”.  The short wheel base and relatively high ground clearance render a TD just about perfect for country backroads.

Morgan +4

Tuesday: A Butch-fettled Morgan +4

Many years ago Butch once expressed his disgust with a particularly badly assembled Morgan he had been tasked to sort out, with the sardonic comment that “A bad day of E-type Jaguars beats a good day of Morgans”.  Perhaps by-gones are really by-gones, because despite the nearly relentless parade of wrong-size screw holes, clearance problems and “trim-to-fits”, he has managed to keep his descriptive language about the car to a near minimum.

A red TR6

Tuesday: A TR6 waits on a new choke cable

I’ve grown to like Triumph TR6’s, even if I’ve always liked TR4’s better (“Shoe Boxes on Wheels”, as an Austin Healey owner of our acquaintance once described them).  The Road & Track columnist Peter Egan famously declared the in-line six cylinder engine to have the most mellifulous sound of any automotive power plant.  I tend to agree with him, and as we might say around here, the tone of the Ansa exhaust on this red TR6 doesn’t hurt your ears any.

This time of year we never know what’s going to show up in our dooryard.  Tom Rymes drove this handsome early series 1 XJ6 back from California earlier this spring.  Tuesday, Tom was running down the Everett Turnpike toward Manchester and the Hooksett Tolls when an inner voice told him shut down all systems.  He rolled into the  I 93 rest area cum State Liquor Store parking lot on the southbound side and called our friends at Rod’s Towing & Repairs in Putney to come an’ git her, which they very promptly did.

We’ll take a look at things tomorrow (Friday),  when we shall see what shall see.

Rod's Towing brings in a series 1 XJ6

Tuesday Greg from Rod's exits his rig. He took the front hub caps off to clear his nylon tie-downs.

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