June Checks In

We have 35 acres of open pasture around the shop, and working in concert with the 29 head of cattle grazing thru it, Patrick has been brush-hogging back the overgrowth the cattle haven’t gotten to yet.   Things start to happen very quickly in June.

Morgan, MGA & Austin Healey

Can you identify these three cars ?

Having retrieved the MGA on our car trailer from Richmond, Vermont Tuesday night, we shuffled the deck again on Wednesday.  That’s our favorite Austin Healey 100 M in the shop, and our Morgan +4 rolling chassis in the foreground, which we’re shipping up to East Coast Collision & Restoration now for re-bodying.

Butch adds brake fluid to the M/Cyl reservoir on the Mini

Butch tops off the brake master cylinder

In the course of our fairly typical week, Butch spent about 20 hours sorting thru some issues with this Mini.  It’s a good car, perhaps even better now that it has some stopping power at the rear end as well.  I roadtested it Friday afternoon and it goes like stink, although all we had to do with that end of it was an ignition timing adjustment.

John strips out a TR3 front suspension

John begins to strip out this TR3 front suspension

John began to strip out the front suspension on this veteran TR3 Thursday.  We’re certain it’s for the first time, not too shabby on a car over 50 years old.  It’ll go another 50 years as long as all those zerk fittings see the grease gun every 1200 miles or so.  This is our service recommendation for lightly used cars.  My MGB sees the grease gun every 2500 miles, but it’s not lightly used.  With nearly 150,000 miles logged over the last 25 years, and 1600 miles within the last two weeks, the suspension is still tight and accurate because of this.

TR3 back from New England 1000

Michael stops by on his way back from the New England 1000

Strictly speaking, this picture is from last week at the shop.  Michael Lerch stopped by on his way back from a surprisingly dry New England 1000, where his car put up a staggering performance (2nd place) with very little drama, apart from the muffler blowing out, literally !   It was replaced with an in-stock unit in a Midas shop in Newport, Rhode Island.

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