“Do Your Due Diligence”


TR4 IRS car with frame repaired

The TR4 last seen undergoing frame repair at East Coast Collsion & Restoration

Sometimes we’ll run a roadtest on a rainy day to check for weather tightness.  This red TR4A was last seen on this page about six feet up in the air undergoing extensive repairs to the rear of the frame at East Coast Collision & Restoration in Mount Holly.  It was sympathetically prepared for sale with a paint job, new upholstery and a frame full of plastic filler.  This is the M.O. of a certain New York metro area operator which we’ve seen several times before.

  In any event, having a frame under the back half of the car again was a transformative experience as far as the handling is concerned.  

old & new MG TD brake hoses

We took the top brake hose off a TD that came from the same seller. Click to enlarge

The brake hose on the top is an original which came off an MG TD in the same Arrest-Me Red livery from the same source.  It was so badly deteriorated that it dissolved on contact.    It was kind of hard to miss if you looked underneath the car.  Although the front brake hoses had been replaced, all six wheel cylinders were seized and you could barely stop it.

  For the sake of your own physical safety, as well as that of your investment, do your “Due Diligence” or call us for assistance.  

Roadtesting the TF 1500

Road testing the TF 1500 on a sunny spring day

We found a sunny day to roadtest this TF 1500 which last turned a wheel in 1965.  Some carb tuning is in order, as well as a set of replacements for these 45 year old tires. When I asked the owner if he wasn’t going to paint the car, he replied, “I think I’d like to drive around a little first”.  Our kind of guy.

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