High Speed Test on The MGC GT


Black Tulip MGC GT in front of storage garage

"Black Tulip" MGC GT in front of our storage garage Thursday afternoon


Mid-April has produced some exceedingly nice days for road test & evaluation work.  We completed the high speed testing of the Black Tulip MGC GT Thursday afternoon on Interstate 91 between Putney and Brattleboro.  Apart from a little twitchy-ness because this car hasn’t been on the alignment rack yet, it went like a cannon with a pleasing lack of drama.  We relinquished it to the owner later in the day, and we’re already looking forward to the 500 mile check over.  

MGC GT interior in biscuit

MGC GT interior in biscuit, less door cappings.


In the beginning we wern’t too sure about the paint and upholstery colors, but the final conscensus is it’s a home run.   As it worked out, Patrick ended up  completely recovering the dashboard, while Warner did the door panels & carpets, and Butch retrimmed the seats.  Because we’re going to have two Austin Healeys to put back together soon, we’ll probably be lateralling off some of our upholstery work to Richard Hurd at Hurd’s upholstering.  

  Our first rule of sublets is don’t… unless you’re handing it to someone who’s better than you are, and Dick Hurd is to leather and fabric, what Jon Thompson at Sports Car Specialties is to paint & sheetmetal.

Patrick confirms an oil pressure reading

Patrick manually checks MGC oil pressure


About a month ago while we were still waiting for a break in the weather for road testing, we had some concerns about the oil pressure readings, so Patrick checked them against our Snap-on mechanical gauge.  As a result, we tossed the brand new reproduction oil pressure sender and dug up a used one which almost exactly corresponded to our test gauge.  You can draw your own conclusions, but it’s why we say used is sometimes better than new.


Butch files away plastic filler to fit the windshield

Butch adjusts the MGB fender in order to fit the windshield


Meanwhile, we’re close to starting up this MGB and running in a few miles.

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