Water in The Engine

draining water from an MG TD engine

MG TD: 8 quarts of water, no oil

Early last fall we were summoned to Northern New Jersey to deal with the aftermath of the high water from Hurricane Irene.  This MG TD was garaged not far from Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands.

A general look-over indicated a high water mark just below the dashboard and we removed the car to our shop in Westminster, Vt for remediation.  Exactly how long it was underwater is unknown, but it was obviously long enough to float every drop of oil out of the engine.  The car is in good order now, the flood damage completely remediated.  Call for instructions.

A TR4 with a Surry top

A TR4 from Essex, N.Y. with a surry top

You don’t often see a nice TR4 like this with a Surry top.  It landed unannounced on our stoop on Veteran’s Day, which we all had taken off.  Warner was passing thru the shop when it arrived and called me in from home where I was hoeing thru a good-sized pile of paperwork.

So today I decided to give John a break from project Jaguar in order to sort it out, John being a Triumph guy and all.  He’s been slogging right away at it, changing all the vital fluids and sorting out several fubars which had been  installed by various indifferent previous repairers.  His short list still includes a tuneup and then he’s done.

Shorock supercharger mostly torn down

Shorrock supercharger mostly torn down

A lack of special tooling pushed me in the direction of Ken Booth at KNB Machining & Automation when I came up against components I couldn’t separate in the Shorrock C75B supercharger seen here last week.  When you have your own fully tooled machine shop you have options that are still outside our current grasp here.

Our first ‘Law of Sublets’ is that if someone else can do it better, faster, cheaper, then let ’em.  In any case, I went down to Ken’s shop in Westmoreland, N.H. and made sympathetic noises while he came up with the strategies to pull the thing apart

Last weekend saw a late case of Indian Summer, and Saturday under a deep blue sky, I took the Morgan for a final blast down a quiet country road before I put it up for the winter.

The Moggie stretches its legs

The yellow Moggie stretches its legs

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