FOUND: The MOWOG Valve Bounce Special


MOWOG Valve Bounce Special Rediscovered !

The Valve Bounce Special


This important development car of the 70’s has just resurfaced after being lost for more than 30 years

Best remembered for its fabulous wide angle porcelain induction system, it was first used as a rolling test bed for BL’s Delta Engineering Group.  Later pensioned off as a weekend Mod Sports racer, many of its engineering features subsequently reappeared in Delta Group’s most famous project, the immortal Triumph TR7. 

This vehicle is now for sale !  Serious offers in excess of $100,000.00.  Principals only ! 

Sports Car Services Road Test Engineer reports findings

Sports Car Services Road Test Engineer reports findings


Our experimental department has been busy recently.  We’ve been working steadily towards a goal of “Going Green” right across the entire spectrum of cars we service.  In this picture, our chief road test engineer reports his findings on our diesel/electric E-type hybrid.  While generally pleased with our progress, we are still struggling to bring oil consumption in line with that of the original series 1 cars.

  Interested parties are invited to enquire.

John attaches tire chains for a roadtest

ROADTEST: A severe April storm dictates the use of chains

April 1st has arrived with a serious spring snowstorm.  Because we’re scheduled to roadtest this TR3 which we converted to overdrive yesterday, John is making the necessary adaptations.

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