Historical Research

Larry & the "Herreshoff" mirror

Skipper Herreshoff gave Larry this XK 140 rearview mirror

I had a hunch that the MG TC in the foreground was built up by the Liberal Arts Garage in Grovers Corners, New Hampshire. I remember them well from my time at Abingdon Spares.  Unfortunately the trail has gone cold in recent years, but a little research with a New Hampshire phone book netted a phone number for Jonathan Bateman, the former proprietor, who is still very much on the scene and is living in a garden apartment amid what he describes as “More tools than furniture”.  We should all be so lucky.  A rendezvous has been arranged for next Wednesday.

Butch sorts out HD8 carburetors on a Phase 1 BJ8

Butch sorts out carburetors for a Phase 1 BJ8 Healey

We know we’re missing some pulleys, and it’s highly probable that we’re missing other pieces which are less obvious, so the next step is to mount the ‘new’ Shorrock supercharger and see how things line up.  Ken Booth from KNB Manufacturing & Automation in Westmoreland, N.H. will be doing the fabrication work for us.  We’re counting on Automotive Technician Emeritus Bateman to tell us how it goes together.

Jaguars in the barn

John, Steve, Butch & some Jaguars Friday afternoon

We had an early Phase 1 Austin Healey 3000 Mk III show up Friday morning for some carburetor tuning.  O.M.G !  what a nice car, even if it is in the Arrest-Me-Red livery.  This car is a SERIOUS  restoration and although we’re very, very good at this, we’ll be working at the top of our form on our current Healey projects to outperform it.  Butch is dialing in the carburetors.  Look for a picture next week.

Loading a Morgan +4 at East Coast Collision & Restoration

Loading a Morgan +4 at East Coast Collision & Restoration Friday night (M.W. photo)

Jason Marechaux at E.C.C. & R. called me earlier in the week to see if he could “borrow” an Open Two Seater E-type to measure up for a restoration which is on-going there.  After much pushing and grunting Butch, John, Steve and I dug one out for him and Friday night we did a hostage exchange of sorts and hauled this Plus 4 Morgan two seater back down to our shop to do the trim & mechanicals.

We won’t get to this until after the British Invasion of Stowe next weekend (Sept. 14-16), but it’ll be a blast to have it a fully restored going concern once again.

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