Looking Toward Stowe

John with Jaguar

John with Jag

John & Butch are nearly finished with the Jaguar Mk2 Sedan.  They’ve run it in the yard and pending the sorting of some power steering problems they’ll be running it on the road Monday or Tuesday, weather permitting.

The visual effect of the E.C.C.&R. polishing shop on the cam covers and carburetor suction chambers is on full display in this picture of John emerging from a stint under the dashboard while he was wiring up the new back mount fog lights.

Steve checks rear seat clock wiring

Steve checks wiring for the rear seat clock

This photo is actually from last week.  It’s Steve checking the wiring in the front seat for the rear passenger compartment clock in the big Jaguar Mk IX sedan.  It seems like everywhere he’s been someone else has been there first !   And with varying degrees of competency being on display.

We’re waiting for the return of the Detroit Gear 250 Automatic from

An unusual 4 synchro geabox

An unusual 4 synchro gearbox

Studebaker Dave so that we can reinstall the drivetrain south of the engine, including the re-geared 3.54 rear axle which has also been converted to a Dana 44 limited slip.

We’re ramping up towards The British Invasion of Stowe, which is the 3rd weekend in September.  Hurricane Irene did her best to put a damper on the event last year, but Vermont Agency of Transportation… and the National Guard proved equal to the task and more than 600 enthusiasts made there anyway !   Registration closes September 5.  See you there.

It’s quite busy here, so sorry for the late, very brief update.

At full chat in an Austin Healey

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