A Field Service

Austin Healey 100M

Don, David, Austin Healey 100M

One of our new clients from California stopped to visit us today and check up on progress which I believe he found to be satisfactory, not the least of which being because his convertible top didn’t leak in an all-out thunder & lightening-driven downpour.

Over lunch he told me how in his part of the Golden State, San Jose/ Cupertino, he has his 911 Porsche serviced by a traveling Porsche repairer, and how it is often times cheaper than a tow call.

We don’t really do what we call “field service”, the last time I was out of the shop for a “car won’t start” was a Morgan Super Sport just over the hill a bit, however if you have a SuperSport and you’re under

100M Cold Air Box

100M Cold Air Box

25 miles away just give me a bell and I’ll be right over.

Our longtime friend and fellow enthusiast Don Lippoth called late last week and asked  if we had a couple of six volt batteries for his Austin Healey 100M.  We didn’t, we almost always use an Interstate MT26 12 volt unit in place of them, but our Interstate dealer had a couple of fresh 19 series VW bug

MGC & a Shorrock blown MG TC

MGC & a Shorrock blown MG TC

batteries and I said what “what the heck” and motored up to Maine.  It’s an under three hour trip depending on when you travel and what you drive.  Since my point of departure was actually going to be Hanover, N.H. which meant four lane divided highway almost the whole way, I opted for my MGC which has been languishing under its dust sheet most of the summer.

Without going into graphic detail, suffice

Ian's last day

Ian's last day: stripping a fluid bound Mk 2A servo

it to say the MGC has very long legs.

Don tells me his 100M is for sale and that he can deliver it anywhere not further West than California or further south than Florida.  In as much as Sports Car Services is personally responsible for the drivetrain, I can attest that this is true.  If you’re eager to pay real money for a serious car (it’s a documented factory 100M) please drop me a line.

On a more melancholy note, today was Ian’s last day with us.  This May graduate of George Washington University School of Public Health is off to pursue a career which will more usefully employ his skills, which are immense.  We’d have him back in a heartbeat, but regrettably we suspect that some health service-related employer is going to be the better for our loss.

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