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MG TD with admirer

A Danish admirer with the MG TD

Last Friday afternoon I loaded up the MG TD that Steve had finally bested, and while our rig was parked alongside the Westminster West road it caught the attention of the Danish visitor pictured here.  I had my camera, too.  It never ceases to amaze me what an attractive nusiance a TD is.  These must be the Labrador Retrievers of the car world, everybody seems to want to pet them.

an MG "Y" Tourer

An MG "Y" Tourer, Patrick at the wheel

I believe I may have neglected to identify the mystery MG posted up here a couple of weeks back, which two people correctly identified.  It is an MG “Y” Tourer, built from approximatley 1947 thru 1950.  It’s a variation of the four door “Y” type (YA & YB)  sedans which entered production not long after the end of World War II.

Although very traditionally styled, the “Y” types were very cutting edge with their independent front suspension.  The YT’s were mostly built for export markets, had a twin carb engine in “TC” tune (sedans had only a single carburetor), and were the first MG’s to be built with left hand drive.  It’s an interesting fact that these cars rolled down the Abingdon assembly lines alongside the basically pre-war MG TC’s.

Spare tire with 15 pounds of air

Is there air in your spare ?

A 2,500 miles minor service performed here on active cars  includes checking brake linings and vital fluids, some attention with the grease gun and a check on belts & hoses.  Oh, and tire pressures.  It’s an interesting phenomena, but the average tire inflation for spare tires checked here averages around 8 PSI, which means an awful lot of them ain’t gat’ no air in ’em at all.  By comparison this spare was twice as good.  Regrettably, 15 pounds of air isn’t really enough to get the job done.  We set them to 36 PSI because it’s a lot easier to let some air out on the side of the road than it is to get more in.  Consider this to be a gentle reminder.

Right now we’re truly ‘in the weeds’ as far as work goes, and I’ve been working until the mosquitoes drive me away at night.   This isn’t necessarily a bad place to be in May, although since we’re booking several weeks out right now, we’re “futuring” as much work as we can to allow for immediate attention to breakdown work.

We’d still love to hear from you, and if you can work with us on that, we’d very much like to work with you.

cars outside the shop Wednesday afternoon

Wednesday afternoon around 3:30

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