Ship In A Bottle

Jaguar Mark I X

Tight Squeeze: Jaguar Mark IX

Patrick gave me an assist last weekend and we managed to squeeze this truly massive Jaguar Mark IX sedan into what is called “The Morgan Room”, a.k.a. the north end of the shop.  Under normal conditions we can service two Morgans or two TD’s or a Midget and a Spitfire in here, or one very large sedan.   Steve’s comment was “A ship in a bottle”.

The initial purpose of the exercise was to haul out the leaky B.W. Detroit Gear Automatic for adjustment and re-sealing, a job which meets all three of our sublet criteria:  If someone else can do it better, faster, cheaper, then let ’em.”  We have a rather lengthy punch list of other items on it, too.

Automatic transmission viewed from underneath

Automatic Transmission in situ

The transmission on a shop dolly

Transmission out

This mechanically elegant transmission lets the driver lock the torque converter either in or out below about 60 mph.  Above 60 it’s always locked out… automatically.

Additionally, the unusual rear pump can pressurize the entire gear train, allowing for a rolling start !

Dick Warren rolls away on his MG TC EXU

A happy man & his MG TC EXU

Dick Warren collected his EXU TC Saturday afternoon after Steve did a steering box swap last week.  He reports that for the first time speed enforcement might be a problem.

The EXU (Export USA) TC’s were built specifically for the American market, and were equipped with turn signals and bumpers !   All of ’em, were however right hand drive.  Dick’s car started out Clipper Blue, an excellent color.

And now for something completely different:  Another MG of the same vintage, but left hand drive with independent front suspension.  The first three respondents who can correctly identify what it is will receive a free oil filter of their choice, if we stock it.

A late 40's MG with left hand drive

Late 40's left hand drive four seater

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