MG’s Triumphs & LEAFs


1966 MGB in Old English White


We retrieved this gorgeous Old English White MGB from Tullio at Ash Creek Classic Motors in Bridgeport, Ct. on Monday.  We believe it to be an authentic overdrive equipped 1966 car.

There are still a few squirrely problems to sort out, a large number of missing parts being one of them, but we expect to have this car in running order sometime around Easter.

In keeping with the overall intent to put together an attractive, well sorted car, we started by stripping out the brakes & suspension, and there underneath an indeterminent amount of grease, grim and overspray were some relatively new king pins and recently overhauled brake calipers, although their exterior condition provided no clue as to what we were going to find on the inside.

John cleans up MGB suspension


John can be seen here cleaning down brake and suspension parts prior to a trip thru the bead blast cabinet, and a coat of etch primer and paint.

Patrick preps block for cam installation



And this is Patrick setting up the supplied short block for installation of a VP11BK performance cam from APT in Riverside, California.  This cam pulls hard from about 1800 rpm thru roughly 5700 rpm with a three degree advance, but we’re kicking the advance up to five degrees to move the power band down lower, which should make it even more user friendly for casual touring… with a little something extra in reserve.

Butch trims a TR6


Butch has soldiered thru an absolutely ghastly bout of “You Are The Craftsman” with a carpet set which the West Coast manufacturer consistantly trimmed a little too short, and he has also had to repair a number of interior panels which the new carpet rendered a little too shoddy to leave alone.  This TR6 was recently painted at East Coast Collision & Restoration in Mount Holly by Eddie Johnson working with Jason Marechaux, and it’s a wonderful subltle metallic blue.

David installs scantlings on LEAF crankshaft


Your correspondent is also soldiering away on this 1949 four cylinder Twin Cam Hemi LEAF engine, and in the accompanying picture is installing the center and rear main bearing scantlings onto the crankshaft.

We’re busy here, but not too busy to talk to you about where you’d like to get to with your car.

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