1949 MG TC takes shape



MG TC EXU  (Export USA)

Some unique equipment on the EXU TC Enlarg the picture for a closer look


1949 MG TC


Butch Howe’s current work piece, the frequently alluded to (on this page) 1949 MG TC EXU (Export USA), the only MG TC built for the U.S. market, and the legitimate display board for the Made in England badge seen on most TC’s but which probably shouldn’t be there because this I.D. plate was never affixed to the Home Market cars.

Some of the EXU-unique stuff that can be seen in this picture are the correctly mounted twin Windtone horns, the vertically mounted auxiliary fuse box for the turn signals and the phantom LHD steering column bracket mounting holes on the top of the bulkhead on the left (of course).    The later coil is not authentic, but turned this TC from a non-runner into a runner pre-restoration.

Regrettably, the original color of this car was Clipper Blue, which is not seen very often. This Pale Primrose-y paint is actually called Sequoia Cream, which brings to mind a riddle:   What seven letter word has all five vowels in it ?   How about S-E-Q-U-O-I-A ?

All in all, this will be a pretty nice car for a TC.  We like all MG’s, of course, but let it be known right now that if you want a “T” series MG you can really drive the wheels off, our first pick is the homely step-sister TD.  By the way, we rate TC’s by the following categories:  30 mph TC’s, 40 mph TC’s, & 50 mph TC’s We actually have had our hands on a couple of 60 mph TC’s, but these have had Datsun steering boxes.   This is the terminal velocity above which you start to feel like piling on any more coal will lead to a terminal handling event.

Do you have a “T” series MG that needs improving ?   We’ll be happy to help.

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