Another Deja-Vu All Over Again

MGB in snow

MGB Friday morning, October 28

Much of the Northeast got hammered Saturday by a late October snowstorm which left a foot of snow in Westminster, Vermont, but upwards of 30 inches on the higher elevations like fairly nearby Jaffrey, New Hampshire, but we’re always ready for it here.  Although I drive my rubber bumper MGB GT with four studded snowtires all winter (see “Winter Motoring”, January archives), my long serving MGB has a pair of studded Pirellis in the trunk as soon as the weather turns cold.  It’s been thru the Sierra Nevada on Interstate 80 a time or two with cable chains on.  This picture is just the tuneup from last Friday to the main snow event on Saturday.

Larry Perry and his "new" supercharger

Larry Perry and his "new" Shorrock Supercharger

A couple of years after the close of World War II, Larry Perry bought an MG TC and supercharged it, and now 60 years later he’s about to supercharge his “new” TC.  Steve snapped this picture Tuesday morning as we uncrated this one, which came from Novi, Michegan, complete with Shorrock overhaul instructions.  This interesting project is now in our queue.  I’m hoping to get some of Larry’s reminisciences jotted down for a future issue of MESH New England magazine.

Contest: What famous four cam V8 engine was campaigned at Indianapolis for 25 years without ever winning a race ?  The first three correct answers will win an oil filter, if we stock it

The shop was once again the scene of a great deal of activity this week, and here are some snapshots of the passing scene:

the view out back on October 28view behind the shop last Friday
Steve sorts wires in the blue Midget

Steve sorts wires in the blue Midget Thursday

John & Steve help Butch wrestle the Mini rear supsension subframe

John & Steve help Butch wrestle the Mini rear suspension into place

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