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TF chassis build up

MG TF chassis build up

Pending an uncertain weather pattern, the MG TF rolling chassis should be departing for Mark Goyette’s shop in Bennington, Vermont Monday morning around 8:00 for the restoration of the sheetmetal & body tub and fresh paint.  The photo which you see here was taken on Thursday and it is of Patrick lubricating the shackle bushings so he can finish installing the rear springs which are already attached at their front mounting points.  This has proven to be a relatively quick build up.  Work commenced Wednesday and around 4:00 Friday we wheeled it out to the loading dock.

Leaf Francis crankshaft on grinder

A heavy cut on the LEAF crank

Tuesday morning I ran down to Greenfield to check on progress on two engines which we have in for machining.  Among the many indignities suffered by the TD engine (see “The Lady Was Innocent” posted November 14).  was the use of mismatched connecting rods & caps, but another faux pas which I’d forgotten about was that the pistons were sized kinda’ tight in the cylinders, measurement of which seems to indicate that the bores were never honed to finished size.  Seen here is the Lea Francis crankshaft undergoing a .100″ journal cut on the crank grinder.  Not a misprint, that’s 1/10th of an inch !   But we’re assured thses Laystall manufactured crankshafts can take it.   I think the shower of sparks under the grinding wheel is a nice touch.

E-type front suspension

Cad-plated front suspension in the E-type

We ‘re officially closed on Monday (Dr. King was a great American), even if I’m going to be meeting Mike Savage and his car trailer at 8:00 AM. Mike’s gonna be busy next week because it’s anticipated that the gunmetal gray E-type will be on the move as well, in this case to our friend Ernest Hillier for  installation of the upholstery.  The three next steps with this car are attaching the steering rack &  door checks, and putting the Independent Rear Suspension back in.  It should amount to less than a day’s work.

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