Bearings & Brakes

MG TC on test

Portrait of Contentment

It’s another busy week.  We’ve rolled an Austin Healey, an Elva Courrier and the white Mini out the door, and thankfully not too much new work has come in, which is a good thing because we’re bumping right up against the British Invasion of Stowe this weekend.

The MG TC in this photo is bound for the Car Corral at the British Invasion, and it also features an inadvertant self-portrait.  That is your scribe looking back at you from just above the Moto-Meter.

wheel bearing puller in place

Wheel bearing puller in place

Yours truly did the service on the Austin Healey which was mostly the routine stuff, lights, horn, wipers, change the oil, check the gear lubes (which were O.K.)  and inspect brake linings and cylinders, which were also O.K.

There was, however, too much left front wheel bearing play for so I pulled the hub down for an  inspection which revealed that it was time to adjust the pre-load shimming and clean & repack the bearings.  In the interests of symmetrical repair, I also did the other side while I was at it although the right hand wheel bearing adjustment was fine.  The left hand inner bearing was a little reluctant to come off, but we dealt with it.

E-type front brake caliper

Evidence of deferred maintenance

Butch has just about wound up his work with the red series 2 E-type.  It’s a good car with a lot of deferred maintenance.  One of its less endearing characteristics was a tendency to pull to the left when the brakes were applied, attributable to a complete lack of hydraulic system service.  This is a front caliper and it was pretty filthy on the inside.  The fix has taken the form of a good cleaning and a trip thru the glass bead cabinet, an overhaul kit and three new stainless steel caliper pistons for each side.  We also painted them and replaced the brake hoses which after 45 years of service deserved to be retired.

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