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moving an E-type

Moving an E-type, not under its own power

We usually try to duck out of here a little early on Friday and if at all possible we leave the main service bay open for weekend use, which of course is when our own cars receive their attention.  Last Friday this was occurring as  Winter Storm Nemo began to move in on us.  In the picture at left John is acting as Wheel-Man while Steve hitches the tow strap to the E-type and Butch waits to hook the other end to the tow vehicle which some of you may be able to identify from the quarter view.

Series 1 E-type on test Wednesday

Series 1 E-type on test Wednesday

A series 2 E-type on test Thursday

A series 2 E-type on test Thursday

This corner of Vermont received more snow than some, less than some others, but nowhere near the three feet that fell in parts of Southern New England.  However by mid-week we were able to resume road testing on the  half mile stretch of pavement in front of the shop which dries out quickly.  These two E-types were first out.  In the morning John will be running an Austin Healey  3000 MkII which is from Westport, New York,  just across Lake Champlain from Charlotte (pronounced Shar-Lot), a little south of Burlington.

Checking Shorrock supercharger clearances

Checking Shorrock supercharger vane clearances

Overdrive conversion for a Lea-Francis

Assembling an "A" type overdrive on a Lea Francis 4 synchro TX

Patrick has been tackling some esoteric components downstairs in the driveline shop while he’s waiting on parts for his Lotus Europa project.  Working closely with Ken Booth at KNB Manufacturing & Automation in nearby Westmoreland, N.H. he did a trial assembly of this Shorrock C75B supercharger and is now setting uniform vane clearances, which are critical for its efficient operation.  There are indications of a previous strip and rebuild which skipped that step.  His other undertaking pictured here is tidying up an “A” type overdrive conversion roughed out by Barry Price of Lea-Francis cars. This is proving to be a drama that might be called “The Tale of Two Tailcases”.

Warner plowing snow

Warner at The Wheel: We Plow Our Own Snow

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