In Full Swing for Summer

Patrick driving the E-type down to Lenox

Butch, John, Steve, Patrick and I went down to the Berkshire British Motorcar Festival in Lenox on Saturday, June 16, it turned out to be arguably the best day weather-wise of the month of June.

We ended up taking a pretty representitive variety of first rate cars.  You already know what Patrick was driving.  Steve and his lady friend Jean motored down separately in my MGC.  John took his father and semi-famous senior citizen enthusiast Larry Perry

R. to L. behind TR3: John, his dad, Butch, Ray Boas

Right to left behind TR3: John, his dad, Butch, Ray Boas

(see our “Press” page) in a fabulously sharp and original Opalescent Silver Blue Jaguar Mk2 Sedan , and after consultation with Richard Pignatello, it was decided that Ms. Piggy would benefit from an extended roadtest by Butch.

Our friend from Walpole, N.H. Ray Boas in his beautiful black TR3, and Chris Lapan (& Maryanne)    traveled down en MGB  along with Butch.

I snapped this picture under the E.C.C&R.

Butch readies his steed

Butch readies his steed

Jason from E.C.C&R. captures the moment

Jason captures the moment, Butch, John & Ray roll out

tent with Eddie Johnson working the front table while John, his dad, Butch and Ray Boas are enjoying the atmosphere.  You can just see one of the two MG TD body tubs which is ongoing at East Coast Collision & Restoration, while Steve and Ian are putting together a rolling chassis in our downstairs workroom.

John does breakdown work

John does breakdown work

We have been completely bowled over this week with unscheduled work.  As a general rule, if you’re V.O.R. (Vehicle Off Road) we’re gonna let you jump our queue.  John can be seen here wrestling the distributor out of the Jaguar XK 120 Fixed Head Coupe seen here a few weeks back, and which conveniently choose to die in front of the Solon Post Office.  A heavy duty “red” ignition rotor restored it to apparent good health, but John also changed the points & condensor which arguably were also due.  It got a roadtest.

Marine Cpl. Reilly Clark puts the Jaguar thru its paces

Marine Cpl. Reilly Clark puts the Jaguar thru its paces

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