Absolute Secrecy About Final Drives

Outputs: If you’re tuned into New England you know that the leaves are turning on their colors and even starting to  drop off.  In a similar fashion we have much going on around here these days.

An MG TD heads back to New Jersey

An MG TD heads back to New Jersey

Last week started off with Jug Clough from Rapture Transport (603-714-0018) collecting this MG TD for the return trip to New Jersey.  Jug hauls all manner of wheeled vehicles from the mighty Packard V12 sedans and sport phaetons, to the most pedestrian Honda motorcycle, and he offers the added convenience of an enclosed trailer.

Broken half shaft in a Riley 'One Point Five' differential

Broken half shaft in a Riley 'One point Five' differential

The axle half shaft broke in this Riley ‘One point Five’ differential, and we popped the diff out of the car to fish it out.  This is a fairly common problem in Sprites and Midgets, which also use the same axle.  We threw a used half shaft in the car while we’re waiting for replacements.  These balsa wood axle shafts are still available, but we’ll put in two new ones made from EN 30B high strength steel.  We stripped off the ring gear cage and cleaned everything out, and changed the pinion seal.

pinion seal replacement

"To do the job, use the right tools" The 18G 579 seal installer on the vice

Fans of the illustrator R. Crumb may recall Mr. Natural‘s advice to Seekers of The Truth, as quoted in the picture caption here.  The seal driver has an open center to clear the pinion shaft, which makes it much easier to install the oil seal straight.  Just past the vice, next to the tub of Castrol Wheel Bearing Grease, is our seal puller.  Of course, if you were actually on the scene in the ’60’s, you’re not obligated to remember that.

Slapping together an MGA gearbox

An MGA 3 synchro TX laid out for assembly

In other driveline news, we’re tossing together this 3-synchro MGA 1600 gearbox to replace one we previously installed, which leaks.  With a capacity of three quarts of oil they can leak quite  a lot  and safely, but we have our professional pride to consider here.  These TX’s always need cluster gear needle roller bearings, the counter shaft and 2nd gear baulk (synchro) ring, but while we’re in there, it’s our standard practice to replace the rest of  the bearings and the 3rd/4th gear baulk rings, too.

a red 4.2 E-type in for service

Out of Gear ? This E-type was built for speed

Inputs: By the mid ’60’s Detroit per-formance had caught up (and then some!) with the E-type.  There wasn’t a great deal Jaguar could do with engine, so they dropped the final drive ratio to a 3.54, instead.  That was great for acceleration, but it came at the expense of top end, and since this car has Weber carburetors instead of the emissions friendly (but not much else) Strombergs, it runs out of gear on a daily basis.

Now I’m about to do something very unusual, and that is to swear the 100 or so of you who read this page on a daily basis to absolute secrecy.  We’ll farm this one out to Jeff at Keene Driveline for a 3.31 gear swap, because this is actually a Dana 44 rear end, something he does all the time.

The Dana 44 may very well be the the oldest automotive component still in production, having gone into service in 1942, and still to be found underneath your 2011 Fiat-Chrysler, Jeep product.  Jaguar glommed-onto it around 1950 as a more reliable replacement for the ENV (London) differential they were using initially, and referred to is as the “Salisbury” Axle.

A history lesson about some very old American manufacturing companys, Salisbury and Thornton will be forthcoming, but not today

Foliage East of The Green Mountains

Foliage East of The Green Mountains. Click for More Color

Foliage West of The Green Mountains

Foliage West of The Green Mountains. Click for More Color

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