Headed In & Headed Out

Jaguar E-type

Back from a road test ?

Patrick and I hiked over the mountain to Bennington Friday morning for the purpose of paying a call on Mark Goyette to get his assessment on the MG TF we sent over there on Monday.  As you can gather from last week’s post, some additional assembly will be required, and paint & sheetmetal fall well outside of our skill set.  We took Patrick’s MGB GT, recently acquired on the cheap, and likely to be his winter escape vehicle this year.  It’s an interesting car, mostly 1973 model year build, but very definitely 1970 in the back as evidenced by the one year only split rear bumper, a body clip very possibly obtained as the result of  a day such as you see here.


Sunbeam Alpine

No, just making room

Mark was quite interested in the Mallard Green livery because it’s the same color he’s chosen for his MGB tourer, which is also a ’73.  Now I have to tell you that it’s nice to know the he’s a member of The Loyal Order of Owners and Admirers of The Immortal And Ubiquitous MGB.  One overarching reason being that as we were bidding our fond adieus Patrick discovered  his heater valve had gone South for the winter even before he did, and if wern’t for Mark ponying up the heater valve from his car we’d have been going back over the mountain by bus.


Snow covered Vt. Rte. 9

Somewhere in the Green Mtn. National Forest Friday

This is frequently a seven day a week undertaking, which is why this post is going up a little later than usual.  So to put your potential unease at rest, the red E-type is only being shuttled back into the barn, its period of use as a useful pattern for the reassembly of the Gunmetal Grey OTS being over for the time being.  The G.M.G. E-type ships to Ernest Hillier early next week for upholstery. B.T.W:  You can run them in the snow if they’re properly ballasted and shod with appropriate winter tires, but I don’t recommend it.

another MGB GT in snow

Going to get the mail Saturday

Northern New England hasn’t seen much snow so far this winter, unlike coastal Southern New England which is getting clobbered today.  But enough snow has fallen here to make for engaging drive down to the Westminster Post Office, and there isn’t much traffic on the roads.  With the red E-type moved out and the Sunbeam Alpine moved back in for the start of Alpine Round IV next week, the last remaining task of the day is to clear the work benches and  sweep the floors in advance of Monday’s onslaught of general pandemonium.

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