We Pick Up Where Others Leave Off

MG TF body tub

Former MG TF

Tom Hoy was a mighty lucky guy.  When he sensed a ‘lack of progress’ he pulled his MG out of the restoration shop shortly before the fire that burned the place down.  In fairness they’d done a pretty good job of tearing down a pretty good car, and apart from the driver’s seat and the front & rear valances it looks like it’s mostly all there, and if push comes to shove, we can always convert it to right hand drive.  Seen here are Patrick & Warner walking the body tub over to the barn for storage.

severe camber

Allard-like Suspension

This photo is from Tuesday.  We had just unbolted the front shocks while they were clear of the bump stops to relieve the stored energy in the front springs.  This makes disassembly a bit safer.  As of Wednesday the chassis has been torn down to the bare frame which we’ll send  out to the blasters to strip the surface rust.  After an application of chassis paint it will be time to start putting everything back together.

pedal shaft assy.

George got it

I like this photo because it reminds me of an Allard trials car with the front suspension fully unloaded at the top of a hill in the English countryside somewhere around 1948.

A common wear item on TD’s & TF’s is the clutch pedal shaft.  The grease fitting on the end of it, which is outside the frame on the driver’s side is commonly neglected with the result that the brake pedals often times have a sideways wobble of a couple of inches.  This is a miserable job when done in the car because there’s not much room for your hands, head, droplight, wrenches &  elbows in the small amount of space between the steering wheel above you and the pedals underneath it.  Failure to attend to it when the body tub is off the frame with the  superior access which results is a very big mistake.

MGA on test Monday


Spitfire in snow


The weather took a 90 degree turn this week.  Monday saw the temperature hit 60 in the afternoon, and by late Wednesday afternoon we had a foot of snow and counting, courtesy of an early season Northeaster.  This did not stop us from getting the long dormant Texas Spitfire out for an initial test, Butch ran it out onto the Westminster West road and up into the barn as we’re taking a long Thanksgiving holiday break now.

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