On The Road Again

Red TR3

TR3 on test

The weather has finally broken and although the roads are still heaved by frost, they’re clean enough and they’ve settled down enough so that we’re able to get some testing done.  This photo is from a clear but brisk say last week, and today with the temperature headed toward 60 Butch is washing up this red TR3 in advance of a rendezvous with Passport Transport in Hartford, Connecticut later today for return to the owner in New Orleans.


MGC on test

After the photo was taken Butch put it thru its paces on a windy day out on the Interstate and pronounced himself Completely Satisfied.  We’re hoping Middie O’Malley will be, too.

Also on test last week was this six cylinder MGC tourer which had its vital fluids changed, the tuneup freshened and the exhaust replaced in stainless steel.  Usually, an MGC is an exceptionally pleasant car out on the road.  Because of their torsion bar front suspension the ride quality is completely different than its MGB siblings, but this car’s handling was badly marred by a rear tube shock conversion more suitible for the racetrack.  I drove it and came away with the sensation that all of the suspension compliance was in the tires !

HD 8 carbs before

HD 8 carbs before

HD carbs after detailing

HD8 carbs after

Yesterday morning a large package arrived from Grand Rapids, Michegan.  It was the HD8 carburetors & manifold for the series 1 4.2 E-type which is in final paint after a long ground up restoration.  We overhaul carburetors all the time, but because this is a very special car, we decided the carbs needed a very special detail job, and we’ve been consistently impressed with the high level of work that comes out of University Motors in Grand Rapids.  They don’t get nicer than this !

MGB in snow

This is not a test

Lastly, this picture is less than ten days old, although in Vermont it can sometimes represent late April, too.

Our phone is ringing and we’re rapidly ramping back up to very fully involved.  If you’ve been waiting spring to get some service work scheduled, now is the time.  Before long our ten day lead time will turn into a 30 day lead time.

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