Winter in Vermont

MG TD on the move

An MG TD on the move

We’re waiting on the arrival of a series one 4.2 E type Open Two Seater in Gunmetal Grey.  This car will not be arriving under its own power, as  not only is the power unit already on premises, but most of the rest of the car as well.  When the bare shell shows up we’ll be getting to work.

Casting about for something to fill in a little time on a snowy afternoon during a snowy week, we decided to push this MG TD in the shop in order to get on with it.  Warner finished up the engine a week or so ago and it will be interesting to see how far we can get before we are with Jaguar.

Patrick at the engine bench

A set of N.O.S. 16201 pistons

Pictured here is Patrick installing the upper oil rings on a New Old Stock set of early MGB pistons.  Sharp-eyed observers will take note of the fact that these pistons use a 2nd oil control ring around the bottom of the skirt, except we don’t.  With a good cylinder wall finish, the upper Hastings oil rings which Patrick is using will be more than enough oil control, thank you very much.

Eagle-eyed observers will also have taken note of the fact that Patrick is also installing N.O.S. Vandervell connecting rod & main bearings in the very desirable Vandervell VP3 material.  A better engine bearing has never been produced before or since.  Regrettably, we have no others.

Butch repairs a Lucas 594 park/turn lamp

Butch repairs a Lucas 594 park/turn lamp

While Patrick was comfortably ensconced downstairs in the driveline room with a 3main bearing MGB engine, Butch was working diligently upstairs repairing the right front park & turn signal light for the Healey Blue over Old English White Austin Healey BN7 two seater just visible behind him.

Initially, we were just going to replace it with a better used one, but an assiduous search of the shop premises failed to turn one up.  However, these components were so well built that you can always fix ’em when it’s your only reasonable alternative.  On days like this we wonder who’s going to repair those in-dash GPS devices in about 20 years when all those Lexus’ hit the restoration cycle.  O.K.  just kidding !

MGB GT in Snow

Friday's heavy snowfall

Thursday and Friday it snowed heavily.  As a general rule, if the snow’s light enough, and below bumper level, my MGB GT is good to go once it gets rolling.  As seen here, that was the condition on the ground.  Once again you can consider this to be a gentle reminder that there is no substitute for studded winter tires.

Coming back from Abingdon Spares in Walpole, New Hampshire during an ice storm a few years ago I was southbound on U.S. Route 5 in Westminster as I watched a northbound Subaru execute a lazy left hand turn in front of me and go off the road and turn over.  I did of course stop to render assistance, and the driver’s response is in my ear, still:  “I don’t understand what happened, I just got these new four season radials”.  No they’re not, and if you live in snow country (or even just visit) you should know better.

My daily commute

Daily commute

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