Around and Around We Go

measuring up a frame

Two experts compare notes

This is not new York City where it snows almost every day, although meterologically it’s a reasonable facismile right now, since we’re in about the middle of a 30 hour snow storm.  The practical effect of this, although I have no idea why, is that the phone hasn’t rung today, with the exception a couple of ever hopeful telemarketers.

Last week just before our previous storm (we only get one a week) Butch and I ran down to Brattleboro to retrieve my XK140 frame from Jay at Windham Coach & Carriage where it had been ensconced for measuring.  As luck would have it, it turned out to be very straight.  In the picture above, Butch & Jay are discussing his findings.

Patrick replaces E-type coil over rear shocks

"To do the job, use the right tools."

Patrick is finishing up his 3rd E-type Independent Rear Suspension overhaul of the winter.  As mentioned previously on these pages, the job is made considerably easier by utilizing some of our begged, bought, or made special tooling.  In this case it’s our SL.14 Churchill Hand Press, which is a category one tool from the above list.  Herein Patrick is replacing the rear coil-over shocks, of which there are, of course, four.

By the way, if any of our readers can identify the source of the quote in the above picture caption, we’ll send the first three people with the correct answer the british oil filter of their choice, if we stock it.

Butch fettles a TR3 carburetor

Struggles nearly over

We’re almost at the end of the line with the red TR3.  Since the car hadn’t run in some time, last Friday afternoon Butch checked his ignition and carburetion settings and discovered a certain reluctance to return to a steady idle from an open throttle.

Because his external checks yielded no results he finally hauled ’em off the car for a closer look, which revealed a couple of slightly wunky throttle plates, probably not so much from wear as from the hands of man, so he replaced them.  Because we’re still waiting for a dry road, he has now turned his attention to the Austin Healey we rolled in the shop last week.

Warner roadtests an MGB in the yard

Mission Accomplished

Also as predicted here last week, Warner did in fact have the blue MGB running last Friday.  As you know, we aren’t using the highway for road tests right now, so he pinched off the leaking rear brake line and ran it thru all four gears out in the yard.

We sent our customer in Saranac Lake a bill and he was so happy he called up and asked up to fix the rear brakes, too !

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