Radiator Redux

MGB under construction

Aspirational Vehicle

This MGB has been off the road for a very long time, but its owner is sufficiently fond of it that we have been commissioned to make it run again.  That’s something we have experience with.  Butch got a secondhand engine installed last week.  Then he handed off to Warner because he had some important radiator work to finish up.  Warner built up the engine ancillaries, stuff like manifolds, carburetors, starter & alternator, and earlier this afternoon he started it up.  He has already re-established the clutch hydraulics and bled off the brakes, although the rear brake line leaked like a dripping faucet, so he has it temporarily pinched off.

radiator after recoring

Re-cored TR3 radiator

Rodney at B&R’s Garage in Lebanon, N.H. re-cored the TR3 radiator late last week.  This is what it looked like before I added paint.  I know that some car owners think it looks cool (no pun intended) to polish up the brass top tank for the local car show, but I’m not simpatico with the effect, so you won’t get it here.  But then again we’re maybe a taddy-bit O.K. with leaving an aluminum core natural as long as you paint the tanks.

radiator before repair


Radiator with new core


The picture on the left is from a week or so ago.  The picture on the right is from Monday.  I previously mis-identified the plastic fan on the left as MGB, it’s actually TR6.  A popular modification is to use a six-bladed TR6 fan assembly on a TR3, but you’re supposed to turn it around for belt clearance !  Things were just tight enough that the fanbelt wasn’t coming off.  In the picture on the right the optional “Tropical” fan is installed in back of the freshly painted radiator with room to spare.

Austin Healey BN7

Another aspirational vehicle

After three years of very little progress, David Haber got tired of waiting on “Vermont’s Premier Automotive Restoration Shop” to prep and paint his Austin Healey, so he rang us up and we trailered it to the Auto Shoppe in South Burlington.  Scott Roth repaired the repairs and put it in paint.  All that’s left is some upholstery, bumpers and a couple of headlights.  We’ll be on it next week.

In case you’re wondering, left to right are Warner, Scott Roth of the Auto Shoppe, Butch, and Scott’s dog Guiness.  Off to Guiness’ right, in a yellow windbreaker, is David Haber, the owner.

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