Return of The Hunter-Gatherer

A Mini Cooper Shows Up

A Mini Cooper Shows Up

The rains have abated, at least for a couple of days, and as a result we’re running the roads again bringing in new work.  The Mini pictured here has a starter that doesn’t start.  We’ll see what we can do about that.  The MGB engine in the foreground has a problem which we’re not even going to try to fix.  To prep it for re-ringing, John Flex-Honed the cylinders.

Badly Cracked # 2 Cylinder

Major Crack in #2 Cylinder Bore. Click for Enlargement. Valve relief means this is a later 18V block

Butch washed it up and discovered this crack, just above the two black Sharpie-Marker lines.  The brown shading is caused by running a torch on it to see if it opened up. It did.  If this were an MG XPAG block we’d send it out and have it sleeved, but it isn’t, so we’re going to replace it with another one which was quite a puzzle to us a few years ago.  Although it ran strongly enough, oil pressure was quite poor.  This was  due to a missing rear cam bearing !

John & Butch Install a Convertible Top

John & Butch Install a Convertible top

John and Butch also found some time to start installing this convertible top.

Next week we’ll take a peek under that car cover.

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