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TR3 loaded for delivery to New England 1000

May 20: A Well Known TR3 On It's Way to Next Event

Usually by this time of year we are spending a lot of time travelling the highways moving cars like this back and forth, but as of now we haven’t settled into that Hunter-Gatherer routine yet.  This Triumph was outgoing work this afternoon, and almost as soon as we loaded it a magnificent springtime thunder & lightening storm broke out, and it  actually dried things out just a little bit.

If this car looks familiar, maybe it’s because you’ve seen it on the cover of the January, 2011 issue of Hemmings Sports & Exotic Cars.  We’re delivering it to the owner who’s about to put it thru it’s paces on the New England 1000 (we think).

Butch finishes up with the Morgan +4 Morgan chassis

Butch Installs New Chrome Flashed King Pins in This Morgan Chassis

Butch has finished up with this Morgan +4 rolling chassis.  The king pins he’s installing have been chrome plated to improve durability.  Yes we had a couple of extra sets made.  Inquire.

John & Butch prep the OEW MGB for retrimming

John & Butch prep the O.E.W. MGB for retrimming

Replacement floor pans for early MGB’s don’t have the captive hardware for mounting the seats.  It’s really only a problem for the front anchorages which are located over a chassis crossmember, and are therefore blind on the bottom.  Butch is measuring out to do a retrofit.  We weld a square nut & cage to a 1″ piece of sheetmetal, whack a 3/4″ hole in the floor and pop rivet it down.  It’s a lot easier to do this before the floor goes permanently.  John is installing the carpet snaps in the driver’s footwell.

a herd of cattle grazing next to the shop

a herd of cattle grazing next to the shop

Because of the high cost of fuel, we’re’ mowing around the shop organically again.  Seth Holton brought in this herd of 30 cattle this week.  They knock five acres of grass nice and flat about every two days and fertilize at the same time.  My Morgan in the cellar of the shop is temporarily mud bound as a result, but it’s going to have to stop raining sometime.  Probably.

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