‘Gunga Din’ Gets a New Tank

“Gunga Din” is arguably the most famous Vincent motorcycle of all, having served as the prototype for the Black Shadow and Black Lightning, as well as having an extensive racing history.  This is not Gunga Din.  However , it apparently has enough Gunga Din cast-offs, such as possibly the fuel tank and the engine cases, to claim some provenance of its own.  Your scribe is not qualified to explain the Gunga Din family tree, but there are people known to us who can.  What we’re interested in is the tank.
(name redacted) was commissioned by the current owner of this motorcycle to make him a new tank, which he did.  There was enough left of the old tank to make up a mold .  Bear in mind that as we like to point out, there are no plastic fillers in use here, this is all fiberglass.
This is a bottom view of the tank, which also showcases (name redacted) fiberglass skills.  There may be an unusual opportunity available for some motorcycle enthusiast somewhere who deperately wants to own a Gunga Din replica, too, because (name redacted tells me that in his first attempt at fiberglass wouldn’t gel!   Move quickly in securing it, because with a little paint, who’d know ? http://www.motorcycleclassics.com/motorcycle-reviews/historic-vincent-gunga-din.aspx?page=5

John Bryan behind the wheel of his TF 1500 for the 1st time in 45 years

Why is This Man Smiling ?

John Bryan took his TF off the road in 1966 when a connecting rod bearing went South.  Here he is coming back from a test drive Monday morning, behind the wheel again for the first time in 45 years !    Truly a Kodak moment.


Home made XPAG tappets

Make Yer Own Lifters !

Here are those amateur restorer-made XPAG cam followers mentioned last week.  Please !  don’t try this at home.

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