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Back at the end of May I took a call from Hemmings asking if they could send their Florida based videographer out to shoot some film (as we used to call it).   I spent all of  Memorial Day weekend hoeing out the shop, so it was with a degree of bemusement on my part that it was our BARN which proved to be the main attraction for about three hours and the shop for roughly 20 minutes.  Anyway, here it is.

mapping out a supercharger drive

Ken Booth draws the supercharger drive

We have been busy upstairs where Butch is wrestling the suspension back in the Jaguar Mk IX and Steve is fettling a late Spitfire which we hauled down from Saranac Lake the weekend before last.  John is on vacation.  Meanwhile, downstairs I’ve been working with an arcane “A” series overdrive installation and we’ve been making some forward progress with the Shorrock supercharger installation in Larry Perry’s MG TC.

Ken measures for the supercharger belt drive

Ken measures for the supercharger belt drive

Ken Booth of KNB Manufacturing & Automation came in Thursday to measure up for the supercharger belt drive.  He’ll be machining up the crankshaft drive pulley, but of at least equal importance he’s also calculating the belt length because the Shorrock installation has no provision for adjustment.  This of course means that the pulleys have to be sized to match the available belts, which are 17mm, if you’re wondering.

Ken will be making up a duplex pulley which will be spigoted to the crank pulley as a means to get the belts on and off.  Stay tuned next week for more on this and perhaps a picture of Steve’s Spitfire which is a charming car with a factory hardtop

Columbus Day on Outside the

500cc Vincent single & Ford 9N

CH Palmer with Warner & the 500cc Vincent single he built up from parts

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