Two Chassis Build Ups


John gets ready to build up a TR3 chassis

John checks his notes before assembling a TR3 chassis.


Much like the weather this week, which has gone from winter to full on maple sugaring season in the space of a few days, we’re transitioning, too.  

  We’ve started  assembling our end of a couple of ground up restorations.  In this picture taken today, John is laying out suspension parts for this late TR3B.  The frame behind him is from the Morgan +4 wood & sheet metal rebuild currently on going at East Coast Collision & Restoration, which was featured here a week or two ago.  This TR3B is one of three TR3’s currently receiving attention from Jason and his crew.  We will assemble both of these frames to the rolling chassis stage and send them back to Mount Holly for rebodying, then we’ll put them together the rest of the way.  

checking an MGC engine after running it 50 miles

MGC engine check over after a 40 mile run in


Because of a hard freeze Tuesday night, I was able to run in some miles on the Black Tulip MGC GT Wednesday morning.  It ran flawlessly on our standard one hour road test loop, after which we checked for leaks (none found) and re-torqued the cylinder head & readjusted the valves.  Hopefully, the weather will provide an opportunity to really stretch it out on the Interstate next week.  You can love the color or hate it, but it’s a really splendid car.

Butch fettles the EXU TC

Butch fettles the EXU TC


 We’ve finally gotten our hands on a set of bumper overriders and headlight rims we could work with from Doug Pelton at From The Frame Up in Mesa, Arizona.  This picture, also taken earlier today, gives you a pretty graphic idea of what a full set of bumpers look like on an MG TC.  That yellow device on the right by the broom is a snow shovel, a tool which has had more of a workout here over the last few months than a half inch open end wrench.  

John massages the top of the door for the vent window post

John massages the top of the MGB door to fit the vent window assembly


Earlier this week John installed the vent windows in the Old English White MGB.  The right hand vent window assembly dropped right in, but multiple layers of material in the top of the left door made fitting this one much more involved.  After some judicious file work, John prevailed.

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