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Ian and Steve at work on MG's

Ian and Steve at work on MG's

Partly by happenstance and partly thru design, Ian and Steve have been working in the downstairs shop on MG’s this week.  This was already the scene of “Steve’s TD Line” as seen here a week or two back.  Having pulled down Myron the TD  sufficiently for the paint process to begin at East Coast Collision & Resurrection, we shelved him in the barn and brought in the next most needy MG, which happens to be this Iris Blue (but formerly Alamo Beige) MGA 1600, which after a Rip Van Winkle-like 18 year layover, is about to move to the Walpole, N.H. stable of our friend Ray Boas, who you can learn more about by checking our links page.

Patrick and I choked this MGA back to life last weekend under Ray’s watchful eye, pronounced it to be running “Pretty Good !” and took it out to see what it would do.  While a little bit light in clutch, the soon to be known as “Blue Belle” MG acquitted itself

John & Butch worked on Sprites

While upstairs John & Butch were working on Sprites

well, apart from the desperate need of front shock absorbers, which Ian set about changing a few days ago.

But the project growed some because Ian found the left upper and right lower trunnion bushings to be completely worn out.  We rectified this with a good used upper trunnion and a new lower trunnion bushing, because a good lower trunnion was not to be had.  And that begat a new set of “V8″ A-arm bushings, too.

"Ask Myron"

"Ask Myron"

Myron’s barn stay turned out to be brief, we brought ‘im back over Wednesday to use as a reference for the brake pipe routings on Steve’s chassis build up.

In the last ten days I have been to Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, Troy, N.Y. Strafford, N.H. Osterville out on Cape Cod, and Simsbury, Connecticut.  We have been very, very busy.

The purpose of the trip to Simsbury was to look at an Austin Healey which was a candidate for a full-on restoration, but also in the same garage was this rather unusual right hand drive Jensen C-V8, which is most definitely for sale.  Here’s a picture:

Jensen C-V8

Buy it Now ! Jensen C-V8. Talk to John Skeadas: 914-403-1768

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