Steve’s TD Line

Rare Thursday picture of David workin

Rare Thursday picture of David working on an MGB

Cor’ Blimey the weather has been something.  Today was an unending mobius strip of alternating belts of heavy rains and blistering blue skies.  On a trip to Greenfield to fetch some relined brake shoes the roads were dry and the sun was hot all the way to the Border, and two and a half miles into Massachusetts the rain was coming down in buckets.  Coming back the weather alternated between blue sky  and heavy showers in bands that appeared to be about ten miles wide.

It’s lousy haying weather, and you can wear out a new convertible top in a month trying to keep up with the vicissitudes of the climate presently.

Steve take the air line to a TD

Steve blows the cobwebs off Myron

We are anticipating  the arrival of our summer intern Ian Levine next week.  Ian and Steve are about to spend a large amount of quality time with a couple of TD’s, putting a rolling chassis together and prepping Myron, seen here, for paint.

Myron, of course, is the TD I trundled out to Long Island for just after the first of the year.  Patrick tore down the engine and roughed in the brakes & suspension some months ago.  The machine work is

building up and tearing down TD MG's

We have laid down a TD production line alongside an un-production line

shelved, sitting in my engine queue, and in about a month we’ll be looking to marry everything up again.

This is one of our useful strategies.  We like to have an original car wherever possible to use as a guide for a buildup.  Although we had several to choose from, are certain synergies inherent in this pairing.  As we said last week, Stay tuned for details.

Unipart GFE 422 update: It has been pointed out to us that the Mann W 917 is not really an optimum replacement filter.  It is slightly shorter than its predecessor the W920/21.  So while we’re investigating Hastings oil filters as an alternative, we’re still suggesting you use the FRAM PH43 for the time being, instead.

An offroad Subaru

Hidden Damage: A crashed Subaru next to our driveway

We had a couple of young people parked in our driveway this morning shortly after 8:00.  They told us that a friend had gone off the road on a corner near the shop.  It wasn’t until around 1:30, after numerous trips past it both on foot and by car that John noticed a reflection off the tailgate window, and we discovered this Subaru ensconced in the underbrush between out driveway and the Westminster West road.  It was well and truly hidden.  No injuries were reported.

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